How It Works

Installment Loan is specialized in arranging tailor made loan deals for borrowers who find it hard to make timely repayment. We understand the consequences when you are unable to pay back the borrowed money. At time they may also lead to bad credit ratings. Thus, we have arranged an array of installment loans for the resident of the US.

At Installment Loan we will help you find the right loan deal as per your cash need as well as repayment ability. Applying with us will enable you to fix all unforeseen within hours of your application. You can find our matchless loan services available with flexible terms and rates.                                                                 

Any citizen of the US, above the age of 18, who is currently employed and hold an active bank account are considered as eligible to apply for our loan services at Installment Loan. Your bank account must accept direct deposit, so that we can deposit the money directly after approval.         

Bad credit borrowers can also get approval through us! At Installment Loan we give more importance to your present repayment ability than your past credit history. So, do not hesitate to apply no matter how bad your credit rating may be.

For your convenience, we have arranged an easy online application procedure at Installment Loan. Within hours of your application we will get back to you with an apt loan that suits your cash needs.

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